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Mid Pennine Arts
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Jeff Nuttall
topline   Mid Pennine Arts (MPA) is a sub-regional arts association with a gallery and offices in Burnley.  This year (2006) it is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its foundation.  It is dedicated to bringing the best in the Arts to East Lancashire.

MPA works with many community groups to provide artists and support for arts projects.  Through the Panopticons project MPA is the lead organisation of a network called East Lancashire's Environmental Arts Network (ELEAN). Work will soon start on organising a tour for the exhibition of Jeff Nuttall’s work, based on a strengthening of the exhibition of 2005.

Watch this space! Since its inception in 2004, has become the web's premier site dedicated to William S. Burroughs. The site provides news, analysis, scholarship, research, reviews, interviews, and texts. Its member forum is a thriving community of Burroughs enthusiasts that features intelligent fans, academic scholars, friends and acquaintances of Burroughs himself, and a variety of others who simply care about Burroughs, Beats, and / or avant-garde culture.  Not surprisingly, Jeff Nuttall and My Own Mag are topics of great interest to and its readers.  As part of
an ongoing project, we at RealityStudio are looking for images, recollections, manuscripts, essays, and the like on Nuttall, My Own Mag, Burroughs, and the international avant garde community that brought Nuttall and Burroughs together.  Should you have anything of interest please send it to We look forward to your responses.   For over 30 years, Arc has been publishing contemporary poetry from new and established writers from the UK and abroad, specialising in the work of world poets writing in English and the work of overseas poets in translation with the ‘Visible Poets’ and 'Arc Translation' series.
“The Patriarchs” by Jeff Nuttall was published in 1978, and Tony Ward of Arc co-edited and published  “Jeff Nuttall – A Celebration” in 2004.
Both books are still available.   Calder Publications are publishers of some of the most significant literature of the 20th century. “Performance Art Volumes 1 & 2” were published in 1979, and “Volume 1 – Memoirs” is still available, as is “Art and the Degradation of Awareness”, a hard-hitting attack on the world of art and culture, published in 1999.   is the official website for Poetry Olympics events, Jazz Poetry SuperJams, and for New Departures publications. Here you can read about Michael Horovitz, torchbearer/co-ordinator of New Departures/Poetry Olympics. Michael organised “Jeff Nuttall’s Wake” and published the anthology and CD of the same name, still available, in 2004.   publishes award-winning poetry, fiction and literary criticism from around the world.  In 2003, the company published Jeff Nuttall’s “Selected Poems”.  This major selection shows Nuttall celebrating the confrontation that exists between individual and world, an engagement which is ecstatic and even worshipful. It is still available.  is a world-wide co-operative of dealers in mainly second-hand books. It is the site for obscure and out-of-print books. In August 2006 there were nearly 300 Nuttall items available from all over the world – even 2 copies of the Spanish edition of “Bomb Culture” – “Las Culturas de Posguerra”